Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A long road ahead of us...

Well, I'm really not sure when or if we will ever be able to have a child. I haven't wrote in awhile and mostly it is because I've been super depressed and I just don't feel like doing much of anything. I really need to see about going to a shrink and talking this out. I can't stand to feel so depressed all the time. Anyway... our first month on Clomid was a bust. I didn't ovulate like I had hoped. The next cycle my doctor increased my dose of Clomid and we tried again... still no ovulation. SO our third cycle will be another increased dose of Clomid and I suppose we will see how that goes. He want's me to do a CD3 blood tests, and Mark has to go in for a semen analysis. We will see how that goes. It's hard to be excited anymore because I feel like this is getting no where and I'm really starting to question if I will ever be a mother or not. I hope that soon enough it will be my turn. It's also very hard right now because my brother is expecting. I don't want my family to be excited about it, I know that's selfish but I want that to be ME. We don't talk or get along so that makes it even more hard. But we will see... hopefully something happens soon!

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