Thursday, December 15, 2011

Exiting news!

So today I was finally able to take the HCG trigger shot! I am sooo excited yet so scared that I'm going to end up disappointed and heartbroken.
Today when I went in for an ultrasound they told me that I had 4 follicles matured! 21mm, 18mm, 18mm, 16mm. So I had mixed feelings about that. That means there is a possibility of 4 eggs releasing! So, I'm worried that if they do release, there's potentially 4 babies. I'm sure those odds are slim to none, but my luck never fails to amaze me. But at the same time, I guess that ups my odds of atleast 1 working, I hope anyways. I will be able to test for pregnancy in 16 days the nurse told me, which means New Years Eve I will be able to test for pregnancy. So I could either have the best New Years Eve ever, or I'm going to have one upsetting one. Let's hope for the best ever! :)

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