Friday, December 30, 2011

I can't believe I am able to say this...

I AM PREGNANT! I am so shocked that I don't even know how to react. It all started on the 27th and I decided to take an early test, and it was positive. I was so shocked and I didn't believe that it could be real. I figured that it was just the HCG trigger still in my system. I ended up taking 4 tests that night through the morning and all were positive. I called my RE and they sent me in to get my blood drawn and test my Beta, it was 23! So it was really low, but still a positive. I went back today and it has gone up to 70! I am so shocked. Now, these levels are really low but it went up just fine and hopefully it continues to climb. I really just don't even know what to say because I am so shocked. I never imaged that this was ever going to happen. I have to go back Tuesday to get my blood drawn again and my Beta should be above 200, let's just hope that happens... I really hope that this baby sticks and is successful. It's been a long time coming and I just want this to work.


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations! So glad your beta is rising beautifully! The numbers don't matter so much as the doubling! Good luck on Tuesday!

  2. First and foremost, congratulations to you. We have been TTC for five year and have been through Clomid, 4 IVF, 2 miscarriages, and most recently a FET. I had my first beta on Friday and it was 18. Today it was 48. We are remaining positive, but the wait is killing me. Came across your blog today. So happy to see your beta rising!!! Best of luck to you!!! I'll check tomorrow to see how it goes for you. I go back Wednesday... Lots if prayers!