Saturday, December 3, 2011

Taking over my life!

So I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post. It seems this infertility journey has taken over my life and consumed me with depression. I feel better now, let's hope it's that way for awhile... I'm on CD 5 today and I had an appointment with my RE on the 1st of this month... I started Femara CD 3-7 and then I move on to injectables :\  and I do Repronex CD 8-9... I'm excited to see the end results but not excited for the shots. I'm just thankful that my mother in law is a RN and I have somebody who knows exactly what they are doing to do it for me. But I did find out that my last cycle was not good like I thought, the ovulation test was negative and that was confirmed through blood work. So Clomid did NOTHING for me. Let's just hope that this cycle does something!

Also, I did find out I'm pre-diabetic... which I don't believe. I truly believe I am diabetic with the way my blood sugars are. They are still running about 240 after eating even being on Metformin... so I am getting my A1C done and we will see what the results of that is :)

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