Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Whoa!!!! Long time, no Blog.

Wow, I can't believe I've gone so long without an update. Well, I guess first of all I should finish off where I left off! My pregnancy with my sweet Layla was a heck of an experience! I had a pretty high risk pregnancy between my type II diabetes and high blood pressure. But realistically it went fantastic! I had 2 appointments a week and non stress tests but it was worth it. The entire time I expected something horrible to happen and truthfully expected the worse. But for the most part everything went great. I was induced at 39 weeks, not for any complications but because I am diabetic and theres risk of placental failure. But, Layla had other plans! I went in on August 29th 2012 at 5:00PM and she wasn't born until August 31st at 5:21 PM via c-section. She sure didn't want to come out. But, there she was. My amazing little girl. We waited SO long for you... if only you knew.

becoming a mother was the best thing ever. I can't even put to words how much it has changed me and how wonderful it is. After waiting so long, and thinking it would NEVER happen I couldn't be any happier. 

Now fast forward to now, my beautiful girl is 2 years old and amazing. It's hard to imagine life without her. 

But now we want to have another. We recently had a failed adoption (I will get into that another time) and it broke our hearts. We really want a sibling for Layla, and I would love to experience motherhood again. So, I made an appointment for my RE's office. HERE WE GO AGAIN. I am not expecting it to go as easily and amazing as it did with Layla. I'm going in expecting a rollercoaster. I am nervous and excited for what will come. I met with my endocrinologist for my diabetes and told him we are going to start trying again, so we are going to get that under control as well. Please, wish us luck! I really would love to be able to become pregnant and have another beautiful baby.

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